Monday, October 18, 2010

The Lausanne Congress Begins

Four thousand five hundred church, mission, education and business leaders have gathered from 200 countries to discuss the church. The next seven days will be spent discussing issues relevant to the global church. This is possibly the largest meeting of this type to ever take place. The selection process was extensive to try and get the right group of people together that would represent the global evangelical church. A few years ago, this would have been the best that could be done. Try your best to pick the right people and pray they are available and have the necessary finances to get to the meeting. This time things are different.

With new technology, the congress is being made available to thousands of others. This is happening so that as many as possible can join in the conversation. There are hundreds of remote sites in 97 countries participating by video link. Access is available online and through video and audio podcasts. So, why not check out what is happening and enter the dialogue. You can give feedback on the issues being discussed through the Global Conversation site. Don’t be left out of this historical meeting.

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